Responsible Gambling Groups You Can Turn to for Help

blog post - Responsible Gambling Groups You Can Turn to for Help

Responsible gambling groups and initiatives to call for help, they give helpful tips and advice on how to stay control and play responsibly.

Playing casinos can be harmless and entertaining as long as you know how to manage your budget, you know when to stop, and you keep it under control. However, not all people can handle their gambling urge. A gambling habit can turn into an unhealthy activity with severe consequences.

When gambling leads to addiction, it can soon cause issues like wasting money and time. Stress and emotional issue can also be a severe effect.

Gambling Therapy

Responsible gambling groups therapy

Gambling Therapy is a responsible gambling helpline that provides emotional support and assistance to anyone who's gambling addiction has negatively affected their lives.

One of their features includes a software program named GamBlock that offers immediate advice to anyone who needs it. What’s more, they have a Live Advice Helpline consisting of expert advisers.

Gamblers Anonymous

Responsible gambling groups

Second on our list is Gamblers Anonymous, an American fellowship that helps individuals who want to stop gambling.

The people behind this group are those who formerly have gambling issues and successfully won over it.

They provide support to fellow gamblers by sharing compassion and awareness.

Aside from their free website membership, they organize meetings around the USA and offer advice via hotline.

Responsible Gambling Trust

Responsible Gambling Trust is a charity group that aims to minimize gambling-related harm. The donations they receive from the gambling industry go to the prevention, education, and treatment of services.


UK-based group GamCare is a supportive community that provides care, advice, and free information about gambling addiction. They have different support channels, such as forums, group chat, live messaging, and telephone lines. Members are free to share ideas about responsible gambling strategies.


Responsible gambling groups be aware

BeGambleAware is a responsible gambling group funded by GambleAware, an independent charity that helps gamblers create informed decisions on playing and betting at games of chance. They provide advice and support on problem gambling through the NetLine or National Gambling Helpline.

Their helpline is available in various languages, every day from 8 AM to midnight.

GAMSTOP – UK-based Responsible gambling group

GAMSTOP is a free online service that helps gamblers to take control and restrict their online casino activities. Once players signed up, GAMSTOP will prevent them from using UK-based gambling apps and sites within a specific period they choose.

Currently, their free service is only available to Great Britain and Northern Ireland.

Gambling addiction is indeed a severe issue to solve, but there is hope. There are gambling websites that offer awareness and prevention to their players to limit gambling's adverse effects. If you need help or know anyone who needs proper counseling, you may approach these responsible gambling groups.

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