Popular Gambling Superstitions Around the World

blog post - Popular Gambling Superstitions Around the World

Gambling is indeed one fun game. Although winning depends on luck and a few strategies here and there, it doesn't stop players from doing anything to overcome any chances of losing. It includes a wide selection of habits, quirks, and of course, a gambling superstitions.

It is not a secret that casino players are the most superstitious individuals. In each country, every gambler has a unique set of superstitions that they strongly believe. From etiquettes, symbols, actions, signs, and colors, they have a specific meaning to the players.

Most Known Gambling Superstitions Across the World

Gambling Superstitions

If you are curious to know the different gambling superstitions worldwide, read this article to know more.

  • South Africa

Although voodoo witchcraft has been frowned upon by many, it is not the same case for South African gamblers. One of their practices is to breathe in the smoke of a vulture's dried brain. According to them, it will earn you a fortune to win big at tables.

  • China

Gambling Superstitions china

The Chinese culture firmly holds the belief that red is a lucky color. If you visit any land-based or online casino, Chinese-themed games commonly use the color red.

During festivities, the Chinese will often give out money in a red envelope. It is a form of gesture that signifies fortune and luck to the receiver. If they visit a casino, they will wear their favorite red shoes, red socks, and even red underwear.

Some superstitions include not checking their money while in the table, betting on number seven, avoiding a casino’s main entrance, etc.

  • Serbia

In Serbia, spilling a liquid behind them before an event brings good luck. Since water is fluid and smooth, Serbians believe that it will ease the path towards success.

  • Denmark and Greece

Gambling Superstitions denmark

Smashing and throwing dishes is probably one of the most popular superstitions across the globe.

The Danes do this ritual when someone moves into a new home, while the Greeks do it at wedding ceremonies.

Some people smash a plate before participating in any activity where a mighty fortune is at stake.

  • India

When it comes to gambling superstitions in India, gamblers take things to its extremes. Trimming nails on Tuesdays and Saturdays, shaving hair on Tuesdays, and washing hair on Thursdays, are all activities that beg for misfortune for gamblers in India.

  • Thailand

Gambling Superstitions thailand

People in Thailand believe that wearing a necklace called the ‘Palad Khik’ will bring luck and fortune when gambling.

However, Palad Khik has a direct translation that means ‘honorable surrogate penis.' According to them, its side effect is to make people attractive to the opposite sex.

Aside from this long list of gambling superstitions, there are still many ways that players do to materialize their chances of winning at the casino. As long as your beliefs will not harm anyone, you can have fun at the casino.

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